About Men are from Mars and women are from Venus

This is what we always hear when people are asked to describe the interaction between the male and female species. Although both species are different from one another in a lot of ways, you can’t ignore the fact that they are bound to bump into each other one way or another.
But the dating scene doesn’t always yield positive results. Especially for the guys. The complexity of the women species can sometimes be too much for an inexperienced man to bear, so instead of enjoying women, he finds himself dateless, home-alone on a Saturday night, flicking on the television, trying to find a decent show to keep him occupied.
John Lione understands that to many men lack the knowledge and skills needed to be successful with women. But for that to change, the average Joe needs to master the art of meeting , attracting, and seducing women. This is why he teamed up with pick up masters, dating gurus, and love experts and came up with Meeting Women Secrets.
The purpose of this site is to provide men with a complete and up-to-date dating source to assist them when it comes to attracting, meeting, and picking up women.
Meeting Women Secrets covers everything men need to know about dating. It will teach you how to dress to kill; easily strike up a conversation with a chick; make the right jokes and flirt effectively. All of this you will learn, plus a whole lot more, with Meeting Women Secrets.
You know what’s great about this site? It has made learning fun and very easy by putting all the information needed in video format.  We know you’d rather take action than spend an awful lot of time reading through stuff. So don’t waste any more time and start watching our helpful videos.
We still have plenty of articles packed with information. Just head on over to the different categories found in our top bar.
When Meeting Women Secrets was launched, we intended it to be available for every man out there—for free. Well, it still is. But because we value your experience while going through the site—we’re sure you don’t want to see annoying ads in every page—we decided to charge premium users with a small membership fee.
We are dedicated to providing only the best dating training out there, but for us to do that, we need to spend money. We know you’d understand.
And based on the feedback of our users, we realized it would be worth charging for the site rather than tarnish the reputation of our site with tons of ads.
For less than seven dollars a week we can provide men all around the world with the secrets to meet the women they want! You’ll save that just in gifts and drinks…
Who is John?
I used to be a regular guy – just like you. I wanted to date more women, but I never knew how. I tried giving them gifts, buying them drinks and complementing them… and I got rejected. They would ‘be friends’ with me—tell me they liked me and weren’t ready for a commitment or something like that and end up sleeping with another guy who was a total jerk.
Every time this happened I was devastated. I decided to seek help and started reading all the dating books and pick up guides I could get my hands on. When I felt ready, I tried again… and failed again. This time my self-esteem took a massive blow. The lines pick up artists use just don’t feel natural. It makes you feel that they are exactly that: ‘artists.’
But there had to be another way. So I kept at it, no matter how many anti-depressants I had to take. When I was about to give up and decide to be lonely forever, I had a conversation that changed my life. You know when someone tells you something and it just clicks?
I had a hottie tell me why most guys strike out with women. From then on my life changed. I had realized what the missing element was; what pick up gurus had left out of their trainings… Why the stuff they taught only worked for ‘artists’ and not normal men. When I put into perspective, I could combine this with what I had already learned to be able to date any woman I wanted!
Want to know THE secret?
This is exactly what I share in this site. I talked to a few ‘pick up masters’—not artists, these guys actually share my ideals on how to make any man improve his dating over 100 fold. I got a lot more advice from them and decided to put it all on this course.
The secrets I share in here made me go from having 1 date per year to being able to get 2-3 phones numbers day. How’s that for improvement!
It’s the most complete dating course on the planet—bar none—and I intend to keep it updated so it stays this way!