A Practical Guide to Touching Women the Right Way

The ability to touch women plays a very important role in attraction and seduction. You will not be successful in picking up women if you don’t know how to touch her the right way in the right places.
If you’ve been keeping tab of the posts here, you’d have read about kino, or kinesthetic approach, touching someone with the intention of getting to know them better. Learning kino is a good thing because it will help you make a woman attracted to you faster than any other method.
Touching, in some levels, is an intimate thing. It can make people feel a strong affinity towards each other, and that’s what happens when you touch a woman.
Women love to be touched. They respond very strongly to touching, so if you want to make sure she responds favorably to your advances, touch her. However, some women will not be comfortable about feeling great when being touched not until they know the person really well. This means you have to make her comfortable with you first, and that would mean getting to know her a bit by conversing with her.
Conversations and touching should come together. It is a killer combination when done right. Notice how guys who are very successful in picking up girls are touchy while talking to women. And see how the ladies respond more on how they are being touched than the topic of discussion.
If you know how to touch women at the right moment, right spot, and right way, you will surely be able to get her in bed.
There are various ways to touch a woman. You need to spend enough time mastering the art of touching women the right way
Touch her more frequently. This can create a stronger connection between the two of you; strong bonds are formed by touching in the right places. Touching will make her aroused and excited. This will trigger the release of chemicals into her blood that will make her feel more attracted to the man doing the touching.
Establish eye contact. When touching a woman, make sure to look into her eyes. This will create a more dramatic effect, increasing emotional intensity.
Find new ways. Think about touching her in new ways. This will excite her even more and make her yearn for it. Variety, as they always say, add spice to life.
Always take it to the next level. You have to gradually take it a notch higher. As your conversation escalates, so should the way you touch her. When you conversation gets to its peak, you have to be touching her in more sensual or sensitive places.
You can touch women using any of these techniques:
Lightly run the tip of your fingers on her skin in an almost ticklish way. This would certainly make her feel really good.
Don’t forget to touch her hair. Running your fingers through her hair or simply stroking it will be something she’ll absolutely love.
Hold her firmly. This should send her the message that you are there to offer her protection and affection. Just make sure you don’t hurt her.
Using your palm, gently stroke different parts of her body: the face, neck, back, arm, back of her neck, and thighs.
Take her face and cup her with your hands. Stroke her cheeks gently with your thumb. If you get her really enthralled, this can be a good time to dive in for a kiss.
If you do these things right, you will surely be able to captivate her, There’s no greater feeling than touching and being touched. When you touch women, it’s not only her that feels something nice; you too will find pleasure in that.