6 Amazing First Date Conversation Topics to Keep Your Date From Getting Dull

“Thanks, I’ll try that.”
Then silence. Complete utter silence. All that can be heard is the clatter of utensils against the plates. Then you hear bugs chirp. It’s complete awkward silence.
This situation has happened to far too many guys. And majority of these men end up not getting further than the first date.
To be successful in your first date, you must know what to talk about with women. You still don’t know each other so you have nothing in common aside from the fact that you are both interested in each other. The first date conversation can really be an intimidating and awkward thing, but this is very important for the progress of your relationship.
Now I am not saying you are going to get real serious about this fine young lady you are with. But if you want to have another date and get along well with her, she has to like you. And the only way she’ll like you at this stage is if you know how to keep her interested in conversations.
Whatever you do, it is extremely important that you don’t get tongue-tied during your first date. If you’re not that skilled in creating interesting conversations about politics and rocket science, here are a few tips on great first date conversation topics:
The safest conversation topic is your date. Tell her how lovely she looks in whatever she is wearing. For sure there is a reason behind that. She could be wearing a dress her mother got her or she made it herself or it’s made by a designer friend. I’m pretty sure she’d love to talk about it.
How each of your day was
Though most people usually ask what the other person’s job is, I’d rather ask how my date’s day was. This question basically covers everything from her job, her friends, and family.
Current events
It’s always nice to be with someone who knows her news. This shows that she is not some dumb beauty. But don’t talk about it much because that would be over-kill. Just make small talks about it.
Things she likes to do
Women appreciate men who are interested in her hobbies, so ask about it. And make sure to be really interested in it. If you don’t know much about her thing and don’t really dig it, be honest and tell her that you really don’t know much about it and you’d like her to expound on it.
Her family
For obvious reasons, she loves her family and if you show interest in getting to know them, then it would make her feel good about you.
When your conversation is turning out really well, ask about the wildest thing she’s done
This is an indication that your date is going really well. When you get to the point where she’ll excitedly open up stuff she wouldn’t normally tell others, then you’re in a really good position, my friend.
There are TONS of first date conversation topics you can use. But if you’re too nervous to think of something, why not talk about the elephant at the corner? Talk about how the both of you are too quiet and how awkward it is to be sitting next to each other without exchanging words. That should get the ball rolling.